Neon Signs

Neon Signs are what we’re famous for!  We make Neon and also repair Neon.  Our attractive and unique neon signs are designed to sharpen your business image and draw attention. Created to “work for you”, our neon signs are effective 24/7 advertising. Our master technician Peter Cao spent 20 years honing his craft in New York. He learned all the standard practices in the profession of “glass bending” in both neon and other lights. In over 12 years since bringing his state-of-the-art technique to Oregon, Peter and his staff have continued to innovate, combining the best of American and European ways, achieving effects that other practitioners don’t even know are possible. In addition to neon glass tubing, a number of other media have yielded eye-catching results under his special touch.

Neon can be fabricated for home use and decoration. Neon also make great gifts!


Examples of Our Neon Signs